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Dental crowns are used to fill gaps between teeth and restore damaged teeth. They improve your smile and help you chew better as well. Made from different materials, crowns are a good way to protect weak teeth and improve damaged ones.

What is a crown?

A crown is a cap or a cover that is put on a tooth. In fact, crowns are often called caps.. Covering the tooth’s whole surface, crowns are made to custom fit the patient. Another way to look at a crown is to envision it as a fake tooth that is hollowed out and placed over the damaged tooth. It is cemented into place to ensure that it is secure.

How do you know if you need a crown?

Your dentist will determine if you need a crown to correct certain tooth conditions. You might need a crown if you have:

  • A missing tooth and you want to cover the gap
  • A cavity that is too big to fill
  • A cracked, weak, worn tooth
  • A dental implant that needs to be covered up
  • A root canal
  • A discoloured tooth

Crowns restore damaged teeth to their normal size and function. This makes it easier for you to eat, and your smile will be greatly improved. Your dentist will evaluate whether not you need a crown.

What materials are crowns made from?

Crowns are made from many different kinds of materials. They can be made out of one of the following or a combination:

  • Composite resin
  • Ceramic
  • Metal alloys
  • Porcelain

If you are worried about the colour of your crown, the materials above make it possible to custom-make a crown that will blend in with your other teeth.

The process of crown placement

You will need to visit your dentist at least two times to complete the crown placement. There are many steps that your dentist must make to ensure that it is placed correctly:

Preparation- Your dentist will prep the tooth so that the crown will fit properly. To do this, the outer portion of the tooth must be removed along with any decay. The dentist will need to make room for the crown by shaping your tooth, and this all depends on the type of crown you will get. If you are getting a metal crown, it will need less shaping than a porcelain one.

Next, your dentist will make an impression of your tooth that is getting the crown as well as the teeth below and above. This is to make sure that the crown will not affect your bite. Using putty, an exact impression will be made by your dentist. He or she will send it to a dental lab so that your crown can be custom made.

In the meantime, you will get a temporary crown over the tooth. This will protect it and make it less noticeable. Your tooth may be very sensitive during this period. When your temporary crown is ready, your dentist will fit it for you and adjust it. When it is right, the crown is cemented in place. It should last at least 5 years and up to 15 years if you take care of your crown.