Missing Teeth

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Missing Teeth

Are you missing a one or more teeth? It is fairly common for people to lose teeth as adults. Missing teeth can create a lot of different problems.

  • Change the way you speak
  • Prevent you from eating certain foods
  • Make you feel self-conscious of your smile
  • Create shifting problems in other teeth

There are multiple tooth replacement options:

  • Bridges- They bridge the gap that the missing tooth created. There are many bridges available to fit your dental needs.
  • Implants- Getting dental implants can be a long process, but they are a good solution. They are surgically implanted, so they last a long time.
  • Dentures- Dentures are good for people who are missing many teeth. They look and function just like a full set of teeth.

Be sure to talk with our dental professionals to decide the best treatment options for missing teeth.