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I joined Woodberry Down Dental Practice two years ago. The signage, the stunning entrance door in keeping with the period of the building, plus the decor imbues in me a true sense of being valued as a patient. I was initially greeted in the reception area by a very pleasant and engaging person who immediately put me at ease. The waiting room was bright and airy. It had a very calm ambience with a pleasant garden to look onto through the window.

For me, first impressions are very important. I wasn't waiting long when a smiling dental nurse called me in. My dentist introduced them self and was very pleasant and re-assuring. I am only too aware that I have been a challenge to dentists in the past.....being very nervous and anxious, particularly because of my neck condition. Sometimes I have no control over it's movement and it seems to have a life of its own. I explained this to my dentist saying that I had always had to see a specialist hospital dentists in the past.

My dentist assured me from their assessment that they would be able to carry out dental work. They talked me through everything that needed to be done. I immediately felt any tension go and I was very much at ease.

I explained to them that I had been very adverse to having impressions taken and would often gag in the process. They advised that I breathe through my nose. It worked. Their dental assistant was very pleasant, efficient and helpful. My confidence grew by the second.

The work my dentist carried out was first class and I am always very pleased with the results. They also prescribed a little pill to hold in my mouth and cream to use as the corners of my lips were cracked and sore. Everything they did and continues to do is always a huge boost to my confidence when smiling and to my own self esteem.

When I discovered this dental practice it was a real gift. The service is impeccable and the holistic experience was fantastic.

There are three dentists in this practice. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a dental practice to go to this one. I feel very privileged to have discovered such wonderful care. Thank you so much.

Elaine Manna


I can't recommend Woodberry Down Dental Practice highly enough. After I broke a tooth over Christmas, I was dreading going back to a dentist after a previous experience. I am a bit anxious about dental work, and my last (private) dentist was competent, but had no time for empathy and made me feel patronised and belittled. also made me feel like my teeth were literally rotting away, and fixing them would be very expensive and painful. Consequently I felt more anxious not less, I never went back to get that work done, and I dreaded the time when I needed to see another dentist.

Woodberry Down, on the contrary, made me feel much more relaxed. Not only was the actual work completed very skillfully, (the hole in my tooth was very close to the nerve, and it was drilled out and filled without going through) what I really appreciated were the people skills - I felt consulted at every stage, and treated with respect, compassion and empathy. My dentist was realistic about what I need to change in terms of dental hygeine and what is basically fine - and so I now feel much more in control of my teeth and feel much more able and motivated to look after them.



I would highly recommend this dental practice - I came with my newborn baby and the staff were very accommodating in allowing me to bring her in to the appointment and taking her out for the X-Ray. The dentist I saw was wonderful, explaining everything very patiently and clearly, allowing time for any questions. The dentist also explained the pros and cons of different price options on a completely upfront way. The actual dental work was done to an extremely high standard, pain was minimal and I'm very pleased with the result.

Overall a very positive experience, can't recommend highly enough.



We were with a family dentist for over 30 years, sadly they retired. I had to find another dentist practice, but on my first visit, I was rushed through the examination with little consideration and care. I raised an official complaint and eventually received a slight apologetic acknowledgment of lack of customer care. I did not go back.

My husband read through the positive reviews of Woodberry Downs Dental Practice and chose to go first! Easy to get an appointment, that fits in with our work schedule. He came back happy. My appointment this week was a pleasant experience. From reception staff to the dentist, I was shown good care. I was given good clear advice and did not feel rushed at all. Dental chair was comfortable, very important, if a patient suffers from back pain.

I will be back, and have already recommended my friend to join the practice.